Support / FAQ

1. Is there a left-handed version of the Anir mouse?
A: There is no left-handed version of Anir mouse yet.

2. What sizes of the Anir mouse are available? Which size fits my hand?
A: The Anir mouse is available in 2 sizes, Small/medium and Large. Measure your hand as indicated on the drawing and look at the table below to find the best size for your hand.
Small/medium size = 2.75-3.50 inches, 7.0-8.8 cm. Large size = 3.5-5.0 inches, 8.8-10 cm.

3. What is the resolution of the mouse?
A: The resolution is 400 DPI (dots per inch)

4. What connectors do you support? Do you have a mouse for old computers without USB and ps/2 ports?
A: The current models are USB and PS/2 combo. This means the mouse supports both ports by use of an adapter which is delivered with the mouse. Older versions of the mouse supports serial (COM) ports and Apple ADB, ask the resellers/distributor for availability.

5. Where can I order Anir mouse?
A: Check the contact info page

6. Do I need to install extra mouse drivers to use the Anir mouse?
A: You do not have to use extra drivers or software for the combined USB + ps/2 models (that includes all optical models). If you have one of the older 3 button models (USB only or without USB plug) you can install the Anir mouse utility to get third button functionality. Check the software download page to see which operating systems and models this software supports.

7. Can I use the the Anir Mouse on an Apple Macintosh?
A: If you have a newer Mac with USB support you use the USB models. An older model for Mac ADB may still be in stock – ask your dealer. We do not have any software for Macintosh computers. To make best use of the additional buttons we recommend the shareware product USB overdrive which can be found on

8. Can I use the the Anir Mouse on a Unix Workstation?.
A: If your Unix Workstation can use a Microsoft 2 button mouse, you can also use the Anir mouse.

9. Can I use the mouse connector adapter I already have on an Anir mouse?
A: No, you can only use the adapter included with the mouse. If the mouse is delivered without any adapter then you can not use an adapter.

10. Can I use the Anir Mac mouse with the VirtualPC software emulator?
A: We have not tested this ourself, but one of our user did so. To make it work you need to do some changes in the “Virtual PC” preferences menu.