What our customers say

“Using the mouse more will not help carpal tunnel syndrome. When using a standard keyboard or a standard mouse your hand is pronated (palm down) which is what causes most of the problem. If you want to avoid the problem go buy an ergonomic keyboard and an ergonomic mouse (please note: a mouse that is simply “bent” is not ergonomic, contrary to what Microsoft might tell you). The best ergo mouse I have found, the one I use now, is the Anir Ergonomic Pro found at www.animax.no on the web or at your local CompUSA store (some of them carry it). I am not a CADD operator but I am a programmer and I avoided a pending case of carpal tunnel syndrome by changing the mouse I use.”

- Steve Hiner, Software Developer, Integrated Solution, Inc.

“I have ALS or I guess you call it Motor Neuron Disease in Europe. Recently because of my condition I began having extreme difficulty using a conventional mouse. I have problems performing tasks that require my hand to be in a flat position due to muscle atrophy in my wrist. I am also losing dexterity in my fingers which makes normal mouse clicking difficult. Two weeks ago I came upon your mouse in a computer store and was very encouraged and excited by the design. I purchased a Pro model and immediately experienced the first comfortable session with my computer in months. I disagree though that it takes three days to get used to this mouse. I found the learning and comfort curve to be about thirty minutes. My experience with the Anir was so positive that my employer has purchased one for my computer at work and another one for an employee who recently had carpal tunnel surgery. This mouse has been a true miracle for me. I publish a monthly newsletter for ALS patients and highly recommended the Anir in the last issue. I will soon be including a link to your site on my web page under Adaptive Equipment.”

- Jim Compton, Instructional Systems Designer, Bethany, Oklahoma USA

“I have been using your mouse replacement for the past couple of days since the HCII conference and have been very happy with it. I have had no pain or trace of wrist strain even while doing precise graphics work. Like I said, I think that this style of mouse is a winner. The only so far to give feedback on is that I noticed my palm tends to get hot and sweaty sitting on the mouse. This could be addressed by a pad or some sort of uneven surface where the hand rests. I cut out a piece of a mouse pad to rest my hand on which seems to work well.”

- Kevin De Laere, Designer/Analyst, Aaron Marcus & Associates.

“Thank you for your wonderful invention. I hope you can send a Mac version or two to share with my office mates who also have wrist problems. We will help spread the word about your product in the meantime.”

- Reidar Jordal, Section Head Information Technology, Sørco AS, Stavanger Norway.

“As an art director, I work intensely with the mouse every day, often for many hours at a time. After two years of such work, I ended up with tendonitis in both arms and had to go on disability leave. That’s when I switched from the regular mouse to the Anir mouse. It took me two days to get used to working with my hand in a new position, and after these two days it felt unnatural to use my hand the way I had for the past two years. In the beginning, I felt that the Anir mouse was less accurate and more difficult to use for drawing. However, when I became accustomed to the mouse, this was no longer a problem. It’s important to take a few days to get used to the new working position, and not to give up after a couple of hours. It’ll pay off later. I have now used the Anir mouse daily for two months and, so far, I have none of the pain that was bothering me before.”

- Karin Lund, Art Director, Fabel Advertising

“Etter at jeg tok til å bruke AnirMouse har jeg ikke hatt behov for flere kortisonsprøyter.”

- Kjell Arve Nygård, Møre Trafo AS.

“Jeg fikk etter en tid ved Pc’en veldige smerter i armen, spesielt albuen. Jeg kunne ikke da skjønne hva det kom av. Enkelte dager hadde jeg så vondt i armen at jeg ikke greide å løfte en bok. Det ble etter et legebesøk konstatert at jeg hadde senebetennelse. Jeg leste om en ny type PC-mus, AnirTM Vertical ouse, som var kommet på markedet. Etter ganske kort tids data-arbeide med denne musen, avtok smertene i armen betydelig. AnirTM Vertical Mouse har et helt annet grep enn en vanlig PC-mus, og ligger mye bedre i hånden. For meg var dette som å gå over fra Lada til Ferrari. Jeg mener de som bruker PC-mus mye i sitt arbeide, bør få muligheten til å velge mellom den gamle og den nyutviklede musa. Dette må jo være en god investering for bedrifter som har mange medarbeidere som bruker data og PC-mus m.h. til mye sykefravær. Det må være bedre å forebygge skader enn at ansatte er sykemeldt over lengre tid.”

- Kjetil Meaas, Overingeniør, Statens vegvesen – Oslo trafikkstasjon.