Anir Mouse

Anir Mouse

The Anirâ„¢ Vertical mouse is truly ergonomic tried and scientifically tested. Different from other mice on the market, it looks like a pilot stick. Users rest the back of the hand at the base of the mouse and the thumb on the switch on the top of the stick for easy right and left clicks of the mouse button.

  • Reduces sickness costs!
  • Makes the user more comfortable and productive
  • Scientifically proved to reduce pain in neck, arms, shoulders and, as a result, sickleave!
  • Helps prevent wrist and muscle injury
  • Optical technology for very precise and accurate response

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What our customers say?

“At the BBC we are currently using the Animax mouse on a Mac PCI 9600 power pc, with Audiovision 4.04 software used for Digital Television dubbing. Users have found the Animax mouse to be more relaxing on the wrist than using an ordinary mouse, in what is essentially a very mouse intensive operation when editing sound. We now have other users who also
are using mac pc’s for on line editing, and our mouse is currently on loan to them for evaluation. They have indicated a recommendation to make further purchases of the Animax mouse”

- Rod Toms, BBC Television Sound

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